At Victor’s Music Garden, students from the age group of 6 to late 40’s and 50’s get music instruction, all of whom are at different skill levels. Beginners with no musical experience at all come and begin their musical journey here. Intermediate and advanced guitarists are helped in correcting technical flaws they might have developed and advancing them to the level they want to achieve.
All of our students want to gain something different from learning how to play the guitar. Some students aren't really interested in learning any music theory whilst others want to gain as much knowledge as they possibly can.
We offer custom tailor-made course content and come up with a strategy to work for each individual student without getting shackled by just one text-book or structure. After all if you could learn everything from reading a text book, you do not need to take lessons from us. The timeless principles of musical excellence state that a sensible balance of Music Theory and practical musicianship is the only way to achieving excellence, foster curiosity and understand the emotions involved behind a musical piece. Outstanding musicianship is the result of constant access to brilliant musical minds and true artists and these elements can never be picked up from reading a book.
The next and perhaps the most important question is what the student wants to accomplish as a guitarist/musician. Learning theories and exercise one is not really motivated to do can kill enthusiasm and take the joy out of learning. You do not need to learn a thousand things to be a performer/songwriter. Some of the best melodies written have just been simple emotional outlets with very simple guitar parts which conveyed the perfect story the musician wanted to tell and the audience wanted to listen. We shape our course structure to align with the student’s goals and aspirations in mind and yet make sure he goes through relevant and important exercises. I, personally, am able to do this because of my extensive research in guitar teaching, learning and going through at least 100 different guitar curriculums. If a student wants to play the guitar in the style of Santana, then we tailor our course content towards his style, and soon you find yourself, understanding how your favorite musician thinks and performs . Wouldn’t it be cool to play a few Santana songs or a few Greenday numbers?