Course Material

All our course material is customized according to a student’s needs and put him on the right path in the fastest and smoothest possible way. That means no students ever gets the same material and handouts given in each class cater to the individual needs of each student.

Group and Private lessons

The classes are organized in both private and group lessons. Students are highly encouraged to learn in groups and have regular band-like jam sessions. The biggest fear- performing in front of an audience needs to be curbed and conquered right from the beginning. From our past experience, students learn very fast when there is a sense of competition. To work hard to be as good as the friend next to you is the highest form of motivation we have seen and gets the adrenaline flowing and the creative juices running in the students.

Course Snipets

Chords and the Scales that fit them.
Bending and Vibrato.
FretBoard Aerobics
Finger Fitness
Music Theory
Lyrics Writing
Blues/Metal/Country Basics
Exotic Scales
Legato Playing
Alternate Picking
Rock/Blues Singing Fundamentals

Finding your Own Voice:

Every person on this planet is gifted with a unique voice which can be chiseled and can shine like a diamond. ‘Anyone can cook’, (Chef Gusteau's famous motto, Ratatouille). Everyone who comes to our garden is encouraged to sing and we make sure he finds his unique voice. The human voice is the most powerful musical instrument ever created and nothing can ever overpower it. We make sure you discover the singer within you. more>>